Three Brothers Adventures in Oregon


Join Mac, Sam and Ringo on their journey through the sites and cities of Oregon. Help them find the clues that Grandpa Jeff has left for them, and discover Oregon in the process!

Check out the first page for a good introduction to the story…

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Can you figure out that first clue?

The brothers visit lots of fun places in Oregon. Here they are at a few of them…

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So What’s The Point?

Well, it’s a fun story with lovable characters, but there’s more to the book than that. It is also educational and can be used as a travel guide for families.

Educational does not equal boring. In the clues and story are little facts and pieces of history about each location. Kids are having fun learning their geography! Yay!

Travel. This book will inspire you and your kids to get outside and visit the amazing places that Oregon has to offer. There really is so much to discover out there. Use the book to pick your next adventure!

This is the first in a 50-part series that follows the Three Brothers on their adventures throughout each state from sea to shining… well, you get the picture. Where will they end up next???